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Detailing Service

We Can Get Your Vehicle Looking Brand New Again

Get That New Car Feel Back Again!

Our Detailing Menu:

Washing your car is the easy part. Keeping your vehicle looking brand new for weeks is quite a bit more difficult. At Mr Kleen Kar Wash, we use only Meguiars Detailing Products on your vehicle, thus ensuring a brand new look and feel.


56 years of experience is nothing to scoff at. We believe our professional detailers are the best at what they do, and you'll believe the same after using us.


We also treat each vehicle like it's our own. Call us today - 570-655-3377.

Wash Vehicle

Remove Road Tar

Hand Clean Engine

Compound / Buff Exterior

Cleaner Polish Wax Exterior

Hand Wax Exterior

Shampoo Mats, Carpets, Trunk/Cargo Area  (and seats if cloth)

Clean and Treat Leather Seats

Clean and Detail Dash, Console, Cupholders, Door Panels and Door Jambs

Clean Interior Glass, Rain-X Exterior Glass

Armorall Tires (or Meguiar's Gel)

Clean and Detail Black Trim and Chrome

Treat Tonneau Cover (If Applicable)


Sedans: $179.00 + tax

Mid size SUVs, vans, wagons: $189.00 + tax

Full size SUVs, vans, trucks: $199.00 + tax


Interior or Exterior Only: $100 + tax, $110 + tax, $120 + tax

Prices Subject to Change


+Prices will vary based on condition of vehicle (heavy tar, heavily soiled interior, artillary mold, tree sap, rail dust, line paint, etc.)






We will need your car for the entire day. Please remove all personal items, valuables, tools, etc. Remove all seat covers and baby seats.  Drop the vehicle off at 9:00 AM, and pickup at 4:30 PM. We will call you if your vehicle is finished earlier.






















Save 10% - 15% on each individual car wash when you purchase a bulk pack of 5 , 10, or 25 car washes!




Ask for a loyalty card, after 10 washes the 11th is free!